Electromatronic 2 at St Laurence Church, Catford 11th June 2016

Our second electromatronic gig took place on Saturday 11th June 2016 at the familiar modernist church of St Laurence Catford, the venue of our first electromatronic concert in 2015. Again much thanks to Huw Morgan for facilitating and assisting our programme.


At electromatronic 2  we curated 3 very different artists:

Steve Gisby brings his iterative pieces to the live stage for the first time ever.


http://www.iterative-music.com/  – this allows the user to create their own version online



raxil4  (Andrew Page)

raxil4 is multi disciplinary sound and sculptural artist Andrew Page, specialising in analogue electronic dronescapes he is active on the London sound art, improv and noise scenes.



Vera Bremerton:

Blends classical harmonies with industrial, avantgarde, techno beats and aggressive sounds.
My songs have been broadcast on several national radio channels and I have played underground noise nights in Europe.



We performed three new pieces from new album and one from our current album “Collision Rate







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