Electromatronic 4 at Sonophilia, Lincoln 2nd October 2016

We were delighted to be asked by Amie Slavin to host an Electromatronic evening as part of Sonophilia, Lincolns festival of Sound and Music at St Nicholas Church, Lincoln. For this event we curated two acts, firstly Simon Le Boggit did an ambient piece using both live synthesizer and tape parts that fitted the atmosphere of the spacious church well, often creating chanting-like sounds. he explains his piece here:

Simon Le Boggit will be performing a single electronic piece called DNA, which explores the way apparently meaningful patterns and structures may emerge from chaos and repetition. Various examples of Simon’s sonic artwork may be found on his Quantum Soup Orchestra website.

Simon Le Boggit

Next Algobabez  Live coding duo Shelly Knotts and Joanne Armitage created a piece, specifically for the event, projecting their code onto the screen behind as they go..



Finally myself and Chrissie Caulfield performed as CSMA


Some Stills from the evening:





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